Jamie J Zand Endorsements
Jamie Zand is a seasoned attorney, who has years’ of experience practicing law in Fort Bend County and throughout Texas. Here are some people who have endorsed her for judge.

Janncenn Serrano, United States Marine Corps
Roderick and Tanya Brown
Chad and Andrea Dick
Mark Kritzer
David and Jennifer Kiatta
Shane and Angela Hawkins
Patrick and Christina Fender
Jeff Carter
Jennifer Corfman Johnson
Vince and Jennifer Robinson
Chris and Sorena Spence
Syngman Stevens Jr.
Carmen Martinez
Dee Villalobos Villarreal
John and Kim Newsome
Dr. Vipul J. Parikh and Smita Ash Parikh
Vonda Covington
Harris and Dolores Wood
Brian and Ruth Wooten Kee
Hayley Hollands
Danielle and James William Wright
Mike Diaz
Tonna Raye Maloy
Paul and Jessica Bingham 
Hector and Alicia Ambriz
Aaron and Helen Mack
Michael and Lissette Luna Schneiders
Timothy and Debra Quill
Matthew Walter Mahoney
Harvey Sterling and Kate Welch
Yazni and Paul Barrett
Sue Profilet
Nishan Khan
Mark Racer
Jeff and Erika Price Bernhard
Johnny Venza
Cody Moore
Radhi Dave
Kalith Talison
Sergeant Cally Ross Serrano
James Stevens
Rafa Brazo
Jimmy and Stephanie Sarro Harris
Ryan DeHoyos
Brian and Sandra Moore 
Hugo R. Felix
Dean Zand
Danieal Sabau and Jennifer Davis